Expression of Interest in VALUE Institute Participation

Participation in the VALUE Institute will commence in fall 2017. If your institution has an interest in participating, please complete this form and we will add you to our communications list to receive follow-up information (participation details, costs, benefits, etc.) so you can consult with colleagues and decide whether this is right for your campus.

How interested are you in participating in the VALUE Institute?
Yes, definitely
Yes, but depends on budget, assessment needs
Maybe, will need to see more details
What questions do you have about participating in the VALUE Institute?
Which of the following learning outcomes are you most interested in assessing? These 6 are available in the initial year. [mark all that apply]
Written communication
Quantitative reasoning
Critical thinking
Civic engagement
Ethical reasoning
Intercultural knowledge and understanding
Please identify any additional learning outcomes of interest. We plan to make these outcomes available in later years. [mark all that apply]
Inquiry and analysis
Creative thinking
Oral communication
Information literacy
Problem solving
Foundations and skills for lifelong learning
Global learning
Integrative learning
Are there other learning outcomes you're interested in assessing?